Thursday, September 26, 2013

Perry Miniatures King Richard III for sale on Ebay

One of my favourite wargaming periods is the Wars of the Roses, or the 'Cousins War' as contemporaries dubbed it. I was therefore very happy to paint up Perry Miniatures' Richard III command set which I had purchased at the recent Partizan Wargames Show. The set comprises the much maligned man himself, his loyal standard bearer Sir Percival Thirlwall carrying Richard's White Boar standard, and the very important but often overlooked Herald. I have taken inspiration from Graham Turner's latest painting of Richard III (based on the latest archaeological finds) and given him gilded armour.
Being originally from Leicester and living not far from Bosworth I was fascinated when they discovered Richard III's body in a car park in Leicester. My enthusiasm for the news and subsequent documentaries/visits to the battlefield was picked up by Lynne (my long suffering wife) and eldest daughter Nicole aged 9...hence the purchase at the Wargames show..."Dad, is that King Richard, the body they found in Leicester...?" picking up the Perrys pack she asked if I would paint him for her, so here they are. In fact I bought two packs and painted them both. One to sell on Ebay pictured here, and the other set now proudly on display in Nicole's room.

The Herald...these guys were very important but I have to admit I never really bothered with them when collecting Medieval armies....they take up the space for shiny fighting knights! I'm going to rectify this mistake in future!
King Richard's standard bearer Sir Percival Thirlwall, so loyal he held onto the White Boar standard until the very end, gallantly holding it aloft until his legs were hewn from under him. A heart warming example of loyalty to King Richard when he was surrounded by so much treachery. The flag is by Freezywater.

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