Friday, September 19, 2014


These are Perry Miniatures 28mm Woodland Indians from their AWI range. Do I need to say they are really nice? I've never painted anything bad from Perry Miniatures! These are now in the collection of Mick Hoddy, part of a British AWI Brigade that was commissioned for a Herts Volunteers Wargames Club AWI campaign game, which begins in December. I have already painted two British brigades for Mick, and will soon be starting an American brigade and a third British one for him.
I have also painted a British brigade for another club member, Martin Scott, along with Tarleton and his Legion, and will soon be painting a Hessian brigade for him.
I have been painting quite a lot of American War of Independence figures lately, using both Wargames Foundry and Perry Miniatures. I hope to get more pictures of them posted on the blog.
In fact I think there will be a theme running through the next few posts because there will be a new set of rules published by Osprey in November I think - covering the war in America from the period of the French/Indian Wars to 1812. They are written by Joe Krone for whom I painted a large collection of British and French 15mm French/Indian Wars figures. These figures have been used for play testing and photographed for use in the rulebook. Joe has very kindly sent me some of the pictures, so I will be putting them here on this blog in a future post! I have added a sneaky pick with this post - some 15mm mounted French commanders from the French/Indian Wars.

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