Saturday, July 27, 2013

15mm Spartan DBA Army

At the moment I am selling Spartan DBA armies on Ebay using 15mm Xyston Miniatures.

Spartan armies always look good, a bit like the Romans do I think. They always look distinctive with their uniform appearance compared with other Greek armies...though the other Greek armies look good as well (he says contradicting himself, which I often do). Enough waffle here is the army, which as I say is listed on Ebay at the moment, though I can paint one direct without going through Ebay, just drop me an email at for a quote.

Above are the Spartans arrayed for battle (yes terrible deployment but I'm a hopeless tabletop commander, though I'm pretty sure the Spartan Hoplites will save some embarrasment.

An impressive shield wall to strike fear into other Greeks...

I enjoyed painting these figures from Xyston Miniatures, as you may be aware they are bigger than most 15mm figures but they have great detail and look impressive when painted up. They can be hard work and take time to prep for painting, having to have the hands drilled through to fit the spear on. But they are well worth it.

Well thats the 15mm Spartans....I might have to do the Athenians next, or the Thebans, or Thessalians... and maybe the later Persian...somebody has to get trashed by the Spartans, the most renowned and feared fighting men in the Greek world. Unless they are commanded on the tabletop by me, in which case they just come to a grinding halt...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here are some more pics from the French Indian Wars commission...this time Mohawk Indians.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I recently completed a 28mm French Indian War commission which included French/Canadian Militia, Rangers, Huron Indians, Mohawk Indians and some settlers. At the Moment I'm getting stuck into some Games Workshop Lord of the Rings baddies, so in the meantime I'll be posting pictures of the FIW stuff, starting with the French Canadian Militia. More FIW pics to follow, and as soon as Lynne has finished basing some LOTR stuff I can add those...
The FIW figures are by Galloping Major, and they were great to paint, very nice figures.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hi welcome to my Figure painting and basing services blog,,(The Hart of War Painting and Basing services) or the ramblings of a figure painter.
I have been  a professional  figure painter for 9 years now (though I have been interested in Wargaming for much longer now.....Ive been playing with toy soilders since I was a young boy and I am still palying now I am a young(ish) man!
We are a Family business - I work from home, I paint the figures and my Wife does the basing! (though I am sure she would like me to point out that she will never, ever be caught playing Wargames lol).
On this Blog I aim to dispaly my work for anyone interstead to have a look. Its not just for work, I also want to show some of the things I am doing for myself as well.
I Will be adding some pics so you can see the kind of things I do and have painted for other people.
Here are some pictures to start the ball rolling...(or dice maybe?)

Above the 9th Lancers from the Indian Mutiny, and below the 79th Cameron Highlanders, also from the Indian Mutiny.