15mm Painting Prices
Foot:                                                             £2.20
Cavalry:                                                        £4.40
Artillery/Limber, Small Wagons Model:     £5.00 (see notes below)
War Wagons/Elephants:                              £7.00 (see notes below)
15mm Basing Prices:
80p Per Base

28mm Painting Prices
Foot:                                                             £5.00
Cavalry:                                                      £10.00
Artillery/Limber, Small Wagon Models:   £12.00 (see notes below)
War Wagons/Elephants:                             £16.00 (see notes below)
28mm Basing Prices:
50p per infantry figure and £1.00 per cavalry figure. Artillery and wagons depends on size of base.

6mm Painting Prices
Foot:                                                                  60p   
Cavalry:                                                         £1.20
Artillery/Limber, Small Wagon Models:      £1.00 (see notes below)
War Wagons/Elephants:                                £2.00 (see notes below)
6mm Basing Prices
Depends on basing system used (see notes below)

10mm Painting Prices
Foot:                                                             £1.20
Cavalry:                                                        £2.40
Artillery/Limber, Small Wagon Models:     £3.00
War Wagons/Elephants:                              £4.00
10mm Basing Prices
Depends on basing system used (see notes below)

Notes on Prices
*The prices quoted do not include the cost of the castings.

*Prices for artillery, limber, wagon and elephant models do not include the crew figures or horses etc. The price for basing the models will depend on the size of base being used.

*15mm basing prices listed are assuming the standard frontage is being used as per DBA/DBM/FOG etc, ie 40mm. The price is the same regardless of how many figures on the base.

*Basing prices for 6mm and 10mm figures depends on the basing system being used - for example if using 6mm figures on a DBM size 15mm base the price will be the same as for 15mm figures - 80p regardless of the number of figures on the base.

Some 6mm Figures:

Some 10mm Figures:

Some 15mm Figures:

Some 28mm Figures:

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