Friday, March 20, 2015


A Brigade of Perry Miniatures Hessians from the American War of Independence. Now in the collection of Martin Scott of Herts Volunteers Wargames Club.
This infantry regiment is the Von Trumbach Infantry Regiment, the other regiment in the top picture is the Prinz Carl Infantry Regiment. The latter were featured in a previous post.

The Brigade's Grenadier Regiment - Von Block (Von Lengerke 1777) composed of the grenadiers of the Infantry Regiments Wutginau, Von Donop, Von Trumbach and Prinz Carl.

Hessian Jaegers - already featured in a previous post but they are such good figures and I really like the officer with the eye patch!

Friday, March 6, 2015


These are 28mm Late Roman heavy cavalry, Figures by Wargames Foundry. Now in the collection of Mick Hoddy of Herts Volunteers. Mick requested coloured lances rather than the usual brown, so I went for the green and cream/buff combination seen here. I think it looks rather nice if I do say so myself. It makes a nice change. I suppose it could be argued that there is no evidence for coloured lances being used. However there is also no evidence against it.
They will certainly stand out on the table top though!