Thursday, December 5, 2013

Seleucid Army 28mm Polemarch Successors (Gripping Beast)

A Nice little Seleucid Army here in 28mm...Figures are by Polemarch available from Gripping Beast.
The army consists of:
1 Army General
1 Army Standard Bearer
1 Phalanx of 24 Seleucid Line
1 Phalanx of 24 Settlors (Kakoikoi)
1 Unit of 12 Thorakites
1 Unit of 12 Slingers
1 Unit of 12 Agema Companions
This army was just a small part of a very large Successor commission. I hope to put up some more pictures of the rest of it, though I have to admit I didn't photograph everything. There was just too much. It was just over two years ago now, and I have to admit that during the photography sessions I was pre-occupied with the condition of my wife Lynne who was in the late (very late (nail bitingly late)) stages of pregnancy...and yes later that night we were dashing to the hospital and our daughter was born. So these pics really do bring back some memories...
Anyway I need to stop rambling; I am delivering another large instalment of Lord of the Rings figures to the customer, and he has kindly asked me if I would like to have a game with the very large Successor armies over the Christmas holidays. I will take some photos of the game to put on this rambling blog!
And back to this little army...if you would like this one painted up its £620.00 (Includes figures, painting, weapons, basing and postage/packing). Here are some more pics...oh the memories of that day...

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