Sunday, February 2, 2014


More Romans - this time Legio VIII Augusta. They joined Vespasian's uprising against Vitellius in 69 AD. They had been stationed in Moesia and had answered Otho's call for aid against Vitellius earlier but didn't arrive in time to help. Therefore they were more than willing to join Vespasian in revenge against Vitellius. Their commander at the time was Numisius Lupus and they fought at Cremona.
After the civil wars of 69 they were packed off to Lower Germany and formed part of the army that was gathering to put down the revolt led by Julius Civilis.

 The figures are mostly Foundry except for two plastics chaps by Warlord Games. I think they fit in quite well. Now in the collection of Mick Hoddy, where they made an appearance in the Bedriacum game.

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  1. Great work again which thanks again for your efforts with my collection grows ever more magnificent thanks to your grand brush work :)