Thursday, April 24, 2014


The figures pictured in this post are part of a recently finished 28mm Greek Legends commission. They are 'The Children of the Hydra' and some of the Argonauts. All by Wargames Foundry. They were all enjoyable to paint. I like the Argonauts especially, just what I think the adventuring Greek types should look like. Unfortunately Foundry don't seem to make the Argonaut figures anymore, or at least I can't find them on their website. So I guess the customer I painted them for is lucky to have them!

I couldn't help making up a little diorama with the figures, just like in the old film 'Jason and the Argonauts'!

Speaking of the old film, I really liked the guy with the bold head and beard and just had to paint his hair grey - he looks like the bloke who sailed the boat. Perfect.

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