Sunday, August 3, 2014


 This is a recently finished commission - a 15mm Belisarian Byzantine DBM army, and it was enjoyable to paint as well. The figures are produced by Khurasan Miniatures of America. I was impressed with these figures. I had previously painted a few command figures by them but this is the first full army I have painted with their figures. Impressive figures.
 The heart of the army - the legions, or so I thought until I discovered they are Bd (I) so not quite so good but they are backed up by Ps archers to the rear.

Legio Palatina Lanciarii Seniores
Legion Palatina Nervii
Legio Palatina Matiarii Seniores
Legio Palatina Daci - all of the shields were hand painted. The customer chose which legions he wanted, and as far as I know transfers are not available for these units. I thought these are going to be difficult to reproduce and take a long time. But as it turns out it wasn't too bad and I actually enjoyed it. (I know I must be insane!)
 Its no longer the Roman legions that do the business but the cavalry. Lots of Kavallarioi (Reg LH (S).

 Above: "Isaurians" (Irr Ax (O) - somethings got to cope with those patches of rough ground. Below the Boukellarioi (Reg Cv (S).

 Above: Belisarios himself on his white faced chestnut horse.

 Above: Goth symmachoi (Irr Kn (F)


  1. Great quality Phil - hard to think that these are only 15MM - inspiring stuff.