Tuesday, September 15, 2015

These are mine!

This battery is all mine! Painted by me for me...They are 28mm Perry Miniatures firing 9 pounders. I just need to clarify which foot battery it is in terms of the Waterloo OB. I am going to try and collect a British division from the 1815 campaign. I have most of the figures they just need painting.

The battery is based on 70x70 MDF bases. Rather large I guess but I didn't want the crews squished together too much - they need room to work the guns safely. The size of base isn't based on any rule system but that wasn't a priority when I planned it. I would rather change a rule system and adapt them to suit - some rules are quite flexible for example in Black Powder there is no base size you do it how you like.  Whereas some rules force you to squeeze it all on to a 60x40.