Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lt-Gen Baron Chasse 28mm Front Rank Figurines

Lieutenant-General D.H. Baron Chasse
I decided to keep on with the Napoleonic/Waterloo theme. Lt Gen Chasse this time, commander of the 3rd Netherlands Division in 1815...a division that performed well at Waterloo. After the repulse of the first French cavalry attacks Wellington moved him and his division up from Braine l'Alleud to reinforce the centre of the Anglo-Allied line. This division also played a part in stopping the attack of the Imperial Guard. They suffered 736 dead, wounded and missing at the battle.
He was an experienced officer having previously fought for the French and earned the title 'General Bayonet'.
This is what I love about my job as a figure painter. Its not only about applying paint to bare metal/plastic. I found this figure in a box and decided to paint him...but just as enjoyable is the research part. It doesn't have to be heavy going, academically challenging. Just a bit of background info on the chap.

As per normal routine he is now on Ebay item number 301005843046.

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