Thursday, October 24, 2013

Napoleonic Riflemen 28mm

I have just finished painting this officer of the 95th Rifles. I had noticed that most of my recent painting had been ancient or medieval, so I wanted to move onto something different, and I found this fellow looking lost and abandoned on the shelf. He was originally going to be painted as an officer of the 2nd battalion KGL to go with a Waterloo collection centred around the fight for La Haie Sainte. I never got round to doing it. He is now pointing the way to Ebay where he is for sale (item ID 300999151518) starting at £0.99!
I did get round to doing the rest of the 2nd battalion KGL many moons ago:
These are Front Rank Figurines' Portuguese Cazadores painted as the 2nd KGL Light Infantry Battalion. I did these before Perry Miniatures starting producing a specific pack for the unit.

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