Monday, January 20, 2014

Aventine Miniatures 28mm Early Imperial Roman Archers

28mm Early Imperial Roman Archers by Aventine Miniatures

I thought I would post some pictures of some Roman archers I have painted...
As the title blatantly states the figures are 28mm and by Aventine Miniatures, and I was pretty impressed with them! More interestingly they do an auxilliary command pack specifically for archers which as far as I know hasn't been done before. The flag bearer is carrying a 'dragon' standard which makes him look like a later Roman. Did the Romans carry these in the early period? Not sure if there is any evidence for or against it; but logically something would be needed to ascertain the wind direction? 
I will be posting more pictures of Romans soon as I managed to get down to a game with the Herts Volunteers - the Battle of Bedriacum (1st) 69 AD, a brilliant game put on by Mick Hoddy for whom the figures were painted and are part of his massive collection.


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