Sunday, September 28, 2014


As mentioned in a previous post Osprey are publishing a new set of rules "Land of the Free"(I think it comes out in November) written by Joe Krone. The rules cover the wars in North America from 1754-1815. Joe had commissioned Hart of War about a year ago to paint some 15mm figures to illustrate the book, and also to be used for play testing. Joe has kindly sent some pictures to show on this blog. There is also an article reviewing the rules in the latest edition of Wargames Illustrated (Issue 324 October 2014). So here are some of the pictures. They are all 15mm and made by Blue Moon Manufacturing Company from the period of the French/Indian Wars. All the figures are now in the collection of Kevin Krause in America. I should also add that my contact details are in the book but they got the email address wrong lol (its not

Above and below: 71st Highland Regiment

British Foot Artillery
Colonial Rangers
French Compegnies Frenches De La Marines

French Foot Artillery

British Officer

French Infantry
French High Command

British Line and Provincial Infantry Regiments


  1. Great looking figures - will keep my eye out to see if anyone in the local area picks up on these rules.

  2. Some great looking figures, nice to see the orange faced 35th too!