Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Sir Banastre Tarleton - a controversial figure or just misrepresented? Whatever your views if you are seriously collecting for the AWI he is bound to crop up at some point.
I used the well known painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds to paint him. The figure is the officer from Perry Miniatures British Legion Command pack. I have just made a plume for his helmet using green stuff.
The rest of the pictures are of Tarleton's Raiders and their supporting light infantry and artillery gun. The Legion Cavalry and artillery are Perry's and the Light Infantry are Foundry, all 28mm.
These are now in the collection of Martin Scott of Herts Volunteers Wargames Club, and will be fighting it out in the clubs AWI campaign game in December...


  1. Great looking troops; I don't know AWI well, but as most others have heard of Tarleton. His name, for me, is associated with bad deeds (true or not) and the helmet! Best, Dean

    1. Glad you like the figures Dean; you are right - even if you don't do AWI he is such a controversial figure he is well known to most - and of course the helmet! Cheers Phil