Sunday, June 28, 2015


A website is now under construction for Hart of War Figure Painting, at last! To illustrate the point here is a picture of some Romans constructing a bridge!

The website will not only be for the painting side of the business. We will also be stocking figures to sell and there will be a secure shopping cart on the site. We will initially be stocking selected boxed sets of Warlord Game's figures, and boxes of Perry Plastics.

You can buy your figures from us but there is no obligation to have them painted (although we will be happy to paint them for you if you wish to commission us to do so).

Having a website means that this blog no longer has to act as a selling platform. It can become a proper blog. Yes it will be used to carry news etc from us, along with pictures of recently finished painting commissions, but it will also carry posts of a more personal nature such as battle reports from games we have played, with lots of lovely pictures.
It could also carry pictures of collections sent in by our customers!

We would also like to thank everyone who reads the blog, and also thanks for the comments/feedback. I do not always get a chance to reply but do read and appreciate all of them.

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