Tuesday, July 7, 2015


These are from a very recent commission...freshly baked and out of the oven if you like. They are 15mm French Ordnance pike (although I lie, one pike block are Swiss pike - the red and white chaps).
The basing is for DBM.
They look quite formidable but I guess easy to pin down and out-manoeuvre in DBM. Many years ago when I used to play DBM at Leicester Wargames club I had a Seleucid army and could never win with it. The pike block would always get pinned down by a few skirmishers and would then be outflanked while the rest of the army was dismantled. I remember a club member I used to play against (I think his name was John and he was from South Africa) he gave me some very helpful advice - get a good PIP score for the pike and advance forward aggressively with them to pin down the opponents main body of troops, then close in for the kill with the companions (Kn (F)). The next week I tried it and sure enough it worked like a dream. I won the game in about 15 minutes!
Oh look I'm rambling on again...

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