Thursday, August 13, 2015


I had a very interesting and different commission to do a few weeks ago - BattleTech.
They are robot weapons from the 31st Century, and to give an idea of size the little soldiers that run around getting squished are 6mm scale. I had never heard of Battletech before now, it reminded me very much of Transformers, a family favourite here (the movies anyway...except the 4th movie). Having said that these robots are not 'alive' as such and do not transform into sporty cars and things.
The robots in green are the 'good' side, and those in the old weathered greeny/brown are the naughty bad guys who like to cause trouble wherever they go (don't we all or is that just me)
I am surprised that Transformers has not been made into a game with figures etc available - may be its not as popular everywhere in the gaming world as it is here at home. I am pretty sure my eldest daughter would get involved as she already loves Warhammer 40K!
All the robots have names!

Above from left to right: Flea, Arbalast and Hoplite

A nice pose from Vulture Man Dog

Above left to right: Hatchetman, Madcat "Timber Wolf" Prime, Thor "Summoner" Prime and Cyclops

Above: The bad guys, left to right: Raven, Hunchback, Shadowhawk and Catapult.

Below: Some of the land vehicles to go with the game - oil tankers/coolant trucks as objective markers, striker light tanks, Main battle tanks, a HQ vehicle.

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