Wednesday, August 5, 2015


At the moment I have a few discounted Warlord Games Bolt Action items for sale on Ebay. I am selling them unpainted and brand new in the box:
D-Day Firefight starter set £57.00 (normal RRP £70.00)
Armoured Fury Tank War starter set £68.50 (RRP £80.00)
U.S Infantry Box (plastic) £18.95 (RRP £24.00)
Late War German Infantry (plastic) £18.95 (£24.00)
Go grab a bargain, the Late War British Infantry plastic boxes have already gone. My user ID on Ebay is 8693phillip. It would be remiss of me, as a professional figure painter, not to mention that you could commission me to paint them for you lol.....sorry a bit of blatant advertising. Doh! Can't help myself...

The website is progressing well, sorting out the glitches and making changes to layouts, but its all looking to be on schedule to go live mid/late August. Its a bit of an adventure, a lot of work, but exciting. A bit like the fun that Jason and the Argonauts are having here. A tenuous link to put some totally unrelated pictures on to illustrate this post....

....erm sorry its not that sort of naughty website, honest.

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