Tuesday, October 6, 2015

15mm Khurrasan Miniatures Romans

These are 15mm Imperial Romans made by Khurasan Miniatures in America, and I really love them. They are from the period of the reign of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, generally mid to late 2nd Century AD. This unit was painted for a customer in America, but I will definitely be getting some for myself. I like this period of the Roman Empire, especially the civil wars of Severus, Pescinnius Niger and Albinus. These figure will be perfect, as they look suitably 'provincial' for Severus' Danubian legions - nice beards. Scary looking for when they enter Rome! They come with a choice of sword or pilum. The shield is flat but can be easily 'curved' to suit with wooden dowling (or thick paint brush handle lol) and a soft tap - I used the soft handle of my pliers. Even better I may substitute the auxilliary type shield instead, as legionary shields were becoming more oval in design by the time of Severus.
I have viewed the Auxilliaries on the Khurasan site and they look good too.


  1. They look stunning - are the shields hand-painted? Amazing.

    1. Thanks Dean - I used Veni Vidi Vici shield transfers and some shading in behind them.