Thursday, October 22, 2015

Something Different

 And now for something completely different... Warhammer 40K. A Dark Angels tactical squad, with enough firepower to make the chainsaw superfluous. I actually painted these for my 11 year old daughter as a Christmas present last December, and no I didn't charge her for the commission. I had arranged to drop off some figures to a customer at the big Games Workshop shop in Nottingham - the place where you can hire tables to play, Warhammer World I think it is called. My daughter came with me and she spotted the Dark Vengeance 40K starter set in the shop, and asked for it for Christmas. This was because most of her school friends (girls and boys) were playing Warhammer at school. Getting back home, with an empty wallet, I thought I would paint the whole set for her ready for Xmas day.
 Needless to say, her collection has grown and she has started painting her own figures, very nicely in fact.  And of course I have my own growing collection as we continue our arms race to gain a winning advantage over each other because we have started playing the odd battle or two at home when time permits. I was doing well with a devastator squad but now Nicole has a tank and a hover thingy gunship so I am going to get squished in the next game...

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